About Digital Audio Systems

Digital Audio Systems (DAS) is a manufactory for designing, building and distributing high-quality digital audio devices. This is all we do. We are not developing other things, neither aside nor as a main business – no computers or TV sets, nor nuclear power plants or tanks. We only do digital audio systems.

DAS Logo

Like a number of other HiFi and High-End audio manufacturers, our enterprise was born out of our personal requirements and expectations concerning high-end playback devices that the market did not meet. Hence, we found ourselves compelled to design and develop the devices that we wanted with the properties we expected of them. That means, DAS players are no mass market products developed on the basis of the least common denominator derived from market analysis and consumer polling. They are custom developed products for a small group of demanding music connoisseurs and audiophiles – first of all ourselves. We believe that, despite the boom in digital playback devices, there are no comparable products on the market. This is why we offer our devices – now that they are done – also to you. We should be delighted, if you share our passion for quality digital playback and find our products meet your expectations, too.

Consequently, DAS is no conglomerate or mass manufacturer of electronic devices. But, following our high standards, we are a small manufactory in which every device is built individually and by hand, extensively tested and auditioned before it is dispatched to you. We document our extensive quality testing with a test log that we attach to every delivery. We deliberately take the time and calm to do our work thoroughly and conscientiously.

Parts that we do not make ourselves but buy from others, we do so only from suppliers who have proven to us, that they share our quality standards and have implemented comparable rigid quality assurance procedures, so that they are able to guarantee consistent quality of deliveries.